We welcome you to use the post method
For payment with this method please confirm that you have printer to print out the account statement
Step 1: On the lower part please fill in your name and telephone number and the quantity of the 98 telephone card that you want to purchase. Press send out the account statement button.
( If you are a card extension value saving customer please fill in your telephone card number. Thank you!)
Step 2:
You will see the receipt on behalf account statement page of the post, then press the print out statement button.
Step 3: Thereafter you can pay at the counter of post in the entire country. Please retain the receipt until you have received the product.
※After payment is completed, please fax the retained copy and the receipt copy to our company and on the top state your mobile number or contact method and name. Upon confirmation by our company, we will immediately send you the card promptly and will contact you.
Pay special attention to the column that must be filled in.
(must fill in)
(must fill in)
(must fill in)
New user Old user
Account number
(To be filled in by value saving customer. Not to be filled in by new user)
Card type
Can select repeatedly for at least one type
NT$1000 x pcs.
NT$3000 x pcs.
NT$5000 x pcs.
NT$10000 x pcs.