Superior Computer Co. Ltd. was established in 2000 and for many years the company has been devoting all its effort in professional integration of international fee saving telephone, network communication and value-added voice telephone. In addition, the company also provides custom-made voice information system for general users and corporate users and strives for the sales and design of international fee saving telephone and network telephone (VoIP) system. Furthermore, the company is the agent in value-added voice, voice marketing and system integration and system leasing and alliance for value-added telephone number.

To enable the company to grow, it is necessary to cope with the vigorous development of global communication and the network industry. Continuous transformation and qualitative change have been conducted for many years so as to strive for enhancing the research and development of our company. Not only domestic and famous products, software from domestic and overseas were brought in as well as international pay value-added voice phone and VoIP technology, the company also localized these to absorb and utilize so that besides possessing the technical capability in self-development and application, our company can also has internationalized capability.

We have a strong research and development team. Not only this team has abundant computer, network and communication professional knowledge, it also has rich experience in voice communication integration system. Our company has many years of experience in system and project counseling especially in international fee saving telephone system. Presently the country area of international fee saving telephone (fixed net optic fiber network) that can be accessed covers over 230 countries. In addition, the company signed contract with Chunghwa Telecom on 020 service and also signed with Sparq Telecom on 050 hand phone value-added telephone and 8086 hand phone brevity code service. In the professional domain of voice communication system including international voice transfer sales ISR (abbreviated as international telephone) (E1 fixed net optic fiber network etc. many operation projects were completed. All these can manifest the professionalism of our company on the global communication industry network industry and paid voice value-added telephone system. For advance planning, crosswise and lengthwise company liaison and communication and coordination between customers, system establishment and education guidance, all these can be completed one by one under prepared planning and strict quality control of our company. Being, we have become one of the few system software companies in Taiwan with the ability to singly complete and practice project management in international and domestic fee saving telephone, paid voice value-added telephone, voice consignment broadcast marketing and brief message marketing.

In order to enable Taiwan to advance towards a new century in communication, Superior Computer Co. Ltd. provides customer with advance technology in customer integrated value-added telephone service, international fee saving system, voice value-added telephone system, voice consignment broadcast marketing system and brief message marketing system that can create new opportunity of success for enterprise!

Presently, advance technology in international fee saving system, paid value-added system, voice consignment broadcast marketing system and brief message marketing system have become the development new trend for marketing and income in the 21 st century. With outstanding quality fixed net broadband optic fiber network and advance professional technology, we provide individual and enterprise with network on-line and data center service and we also integrate information, communication, video communication, brief message and voice and will create a full competitive advantage for customers.

In order to provide enterprise with more diversified complete service, we combine many types of value-added marketing application services and a 24 hours network management center. In addition, we also provide enterprise with a telecommunication network trunk and telephone value-added business operation marketing network establishment experience. In the future, we can even satisfy individual and corporate user with complete e-service international and domestic telephone fee saving system, voice value-added system, voice marketing system, brief message marketing and network integration service.

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